Pocket squares

The pocket squares are experiencing a revival. Often forgotten in the past, today, on the other hand, the left chest pocket of the jacket without this little accessory is almost unthinkable in solemn evening events such as weddings or prom nights. Although it was originally worn in the pocket and fulfilled only a hygienic purpose, again meets the taste of the times. A pocket square gives you a modern and unusual image. Doesn't have to be worn together with a tie or bow tie. Stand-alone, it can also occur to casual styling with an open collar. This gives you a slightly sporty, casual touch. If the tie is missing, the color and pattern of the handkerchief can be combined with a shirt, socks, jacket or even simply with your mood. Pocket squares are jewelry that has long been noticed in masculine elegance, and for some time now, they have become more and more casual in casual fashion.
This is a typical element of the Italian Sprezzatura, which rejects fixed rules and shows a desire for classic elegance. Pocket square is certainly an addition that probably no longer confirms the self-confidence and awareness of his own style of men. Not everyone is brave enough to wear the pocket square and not everyone is supposed to be wearing it. If a man feels uncomfortable with the supplement or does not know which pocket square he should choose, it will be better if the bag on the jacket is empty, that will not be a mistake. For the men who know their own style, pocket square can become an ideal complement to the outfit. When choosing the pocket square, we should above all look for interesting and uniform connections between the pocket square, tie, shirt and jacket and also other items of clothing. Here it is difficult to determine universal rules.

Everyone should independently search for the right connections for their own style. There are stylings in which the pocket square is adapted to the tie, in others on shirts or jackets, in still others on socks. Any stylization can fit very well under the operation of good coordination. Without uniform rules, the compilation of sets is not easy, but very interesting. If we do not feel this coordination, then we choose a safe solution, such as a white linen pocket square, which is inconspicuously pocketed. When it comes to fabrics from which the pocket squares are sewn, silk and linen are the most popular in classic elegance. In casual fashion you use the cotton.
Exceptional and rare pocket squares are made of wool and cashmere wool. The high quality pocket squares are hand-sewn, with a characteristic roll on the edges and with irregular threads. The size of pocket square depends on the size of the pocket in a jacket and the thickness of the fabric. The handkerchief should not be stuffed so hard, but it should not push in with every movement. From our experience we know that the best pocket squares are around 30-42cm wide, but their optimal size should be chosen in their own opinion and popularity. The shop Tinotti.com has in his offer also the pocket squaresof silk, cotton, linen, in the most fashionable patterns and colors. We invite you to know our offer. Pocket square is waiting for you!

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