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There are substances that symbolize prestige, prosperity and a certain standard of living in many cultural levels. One of these noble, evergreen materials is silk. The product comes 100% from nature. Its texture feels soft, though the silk threads are firm like the steel threads of similar diameter. A combination of men's power and the sensitivity of his deepest inner life. The silk tie of Tinotti is must have of your wardrobe. Regardless of the season, it ensures comfort and your collar gets a noble icing on the cake. Whether it's an evening event or senior business negotiation, the Tinotti silk tie will give you a flawless, personal look. Match the tie with the suit properly and excel in class and style. With a dark blue set, a white or light blue shirt you are always on the safe side. Choose the silk tie with color and pattern that suits the life situation, your character and your current setting. The silk ties are the most classic, most commonly seen and most elegant. They are one of many items of clothing for men. The posh, one of the oldest fabric is 100% natural. It arises from the threads from the cocoon of the caterpillars of the silk moth. Silk, which is used to knit quality neckties, is jacquard silk. The ties can be made of satin or a mixture of satin with jacquard silk. Goods from Grenadine, Shantung fabric and printed silk are also becoming popular. The silk tie is the most popular addition to a suit used in work, during business meetings, and also in formal matters such as wedding. Such stylizations most often consist of the dark blue or gray suit, and also of the white or light blue shirt.

Silk ties from Tinotti
Silk neckties in shades of dark blue, blue, burgundy or gray are the perfect match for the set. The silk tie in stripes, in dots or in a subtle geometric pattern will always look very elegant and attract attention, but in a subtle way. More daring, but always very classic is the silk tie in paisley pattern. The latest trend is a tie in subtle floral patterns, for brave men who are aware of their style and want to highlight themselves among others. Why is it advisable to wear silk ties? The tie can symbolize something. It gives us geometry - first, in appearance, but also allows to maintain inner harmony. It is good to look for your own style. Our clothing reflects our world view and expresses our emotions every day, that is the way of communicating with the environment and the way for a speaker's attention, for directing his gaze. The binding of the tie even shows our attitude towards life. This can be very serious, which shows Windsor knot, which is very formal and symmetrical. It can also be looser, although all the clothing is formal if we tie a tie asymmetrically.

Silk tie - Italian style
In the shop you can buy silk ties of the best quality, in all patterns and colors, according to the latest trends and also the classic and timeless ties. We invite you to know our offer. We will be happy to vote at the electoral level.


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