The most popular patterns of pocket squares part 1

The most popular patterns of pocket squares part 1


Choosing smooth pocket squares is very useful, but only in the case of formal and white pocket squares. Honestly, I see no other function for smoothness than a formal whiteness, regardless of the application of the color. The completely free colors do not look exactly what they should look like after the plan. The main reason for this is that the fabric without any pattern brings the formality with which other color bites than white.


The most popular patterns and colors of the pocket squares

The pocket squares with strong patterns are and play a major role in the case of non-formal sets with blazers. Their numbers, styles, colors and patterns reveal countless thousands of combinations, allowing the full freedom of choice and arbitrariness of species to stand out from the crowd. The pocket square in a strong and visible pattern in the smooth cotton pocket of the jacket gives interesting visual effects.

The pocket squares with fine patterns are then a wonderful complement to the more formal sets, but not the most formal ones. Pocket square with a herringbone pattern or with polka dots or even with geometric patterns to an elegant suit gives a wonderful effect. Of course, we do not just have to feel limited to the patterns. Visibility also plays a major role here. Pocket square with the invisible frogs, elephants or other animals also makes a good effect from a distance, like a geometric pattern, but close up it shows our exceptional and connectedness with details. Another interesting aspect is our psyche, which we fortify by wearing a handkerchief with little pink elephants or the Mickey Mouse pattern. This is very helpful, but we should not forget the measure so as not to make a fool of ourselves.


Matching patterns with other garments

When describing the patterns of pocket squares, it is good to say a few words about how to adjust other garments. It's all about jackets, shirts, ties and socks. Very interesting is their selection because of the contrast, you can choose a pocket square with such a pattern that is a contrast to other patterns on clothing. For example, if we have a wonderful plaid jacket, it is good to have pocket square in polka dots or geometric oval patterns. If we don a shirt in stripes, we can change pocket square into flowers. The possibilities are not limited here. But that is already a higher initiation level. If we are already at the beginning of the fashion game, and our choice is not certain, or we feel better in more shaded clothes, we try to choose a dress so that a part will be distinguished. For example, we choose a plain gray suit, a sleek white or blue shirt and a pocket square in strong patterns in the colors that are eye-catching. A sleek white pocket square can be added to the set and the strong accent becomes a contrasting color tie with an interesting pattern.

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