The most popular patterns of pocket squares part 2

The most popular patterns of pocket squares part 2


Paisley, Flowers, Polka-Dot, Vichy Pocket Square- Choose your pattern

The paisley pattern is unconventionally classic when it comes to menswear. The kidney pattern got its name from a place in England where the fabrics were made in this design. Sometimes the pattern is confused with Turkish or Persian. In reality, he comes to Europe with the help of British from India, where since the beginning of modern times the insignia of power, buildings, and then also the clothes of the ordinary persons were decorated with him. Men's wear can be seen on ties, bow ties and pocket squares, and sewing shop customers often choose the fabrics of their jackets with this pattern, which makes these garments more visible.

Polka dot pattern consists of regular and very tight points. The name comes from the dance - 19th century polka, not because of a close connection with it, but because of the fact that the two things were very fashionable in time. The pattern is very popular thanks to the pin-up girls, who liked to show their women's charm by wearing dresses and bathing suits with white dots. At present, the name Polka Dot also refers to various variations that are characterized by the less regular pattern spacing. Besides the paisley pattern, the polka dot pattern is the most popular.

Floral pattern and Vichy Pocket Square - hit the season

Flower patterns give a domain. The flowers can be arranged very small and regular, so that they look from afar as geometric patterns, and are only visible from close up. They can also be large, so that a pocket square looks like a meadow or a beautiful garden. Nature has made such fantastic works of art, she has given us beautiful colors. That's why it's enough to put them on clothes and other accessories and enjoy them with eyes. The patterns are always popular and often hit, but at the same time there are so many color combinations that they will never get bored and never repeat. The flower pattern pocket squares are gaining more and more popularity.

Gingham / Vichy pattern has two names: a name comes from the Malay, exactly from the word genggang - which means the striped pattern. The first strips were then doubled and vice versa, in such a way the today's check pattern was created, which got the name gingham. The second name comes from the name of the French village, where such a pattern was woven and known for the cosmetics based on the thermal waters. The design binds two colors in a more or less regular checked pattern, which gives a contrast of the white and other color, which looks very good on the white color. You can assume that gingham shows a larger check pattern, and Vichy - a smaller one, but that's not a rule. The cotton woolen pocket squares usually have such patterns.

Various patterns of pocket square can be found in Tinotti

We've just discussed a few of the most popular pocket square and tie patterns here. All can not be described because they are immeasurable. And that's why we love pocket squares as a nice addition to the men's clothing.


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