Knitted tie for begginers with men's fashion part 1

Knitted tie for begginers with men's fashion part 1


Many current men do not feel so much about ties because strict rules of clothing are always relaxed. In times of casual style, knitted ties will be reminiscent of stiff, festive and, above all, uncomfortable elegance. These knitted neckties, but also the most popular version of this garment is just one of the many options. Like the majority of garments from the current gentleman, ties can also be graded according to the degree of formalism. As a result, we can not just choose between a free neck and a traditional smooth silk pattern in a bit non-formal situations. In today's entry we want to show you what we believe is the best option for those who are interested in the garment. This is about knitted ties, colloquially known as knit ties.

What are knitted ties made of?

Knitted ties, as the name implies, and also contrary to traditional ties, are knitted, which gives them characteristic width (thanks to the thread) and high elasticity. The most striking feature of the knit ties is just the lower edge (so-called bobtail), which is not found on other ties. This is not a strictly necessary feature because neckties with traditional three-sided ends (called pointed knit ties) can also be found on the market. Although the design of Knit ties looks very modern, the concept is even for at least half a year even for low-texture textured ties. One of the greatest propagandists of the 1960s accessory was Agent 007 - played by Sean Connery. The little formal fate of the Knit tie has also been well-appreciated by other world leaders in globalized culture such as band members The Beatles or James Dean, who is an icon of American casual style. Knitted ties have worn both Wall Street workers and Ivy League students, whom we owe a specific university style - preppy.


Ideal knitted ties - What is remarkable?

First: fabric
The majority of stores have silk models in two versions: smooth (soft) and rough (crunchy). Smooth version is characterized by tightly woven fibers, so knitwear is very firm, uniform and also soft. In the rough version we have to deal with the larger clear width. The structure is less uniform and clearer, and the fabric is stiffer. Gentle luster, which is the feature of silk, makes tie more fancier. Such models with such color can be worn with classic suits. Both traditional ties and silk knit ties can be worn all year round. The second classic fabric of ties is wool (sometimes cashmere). Knit ties made of wool are very soft, gossamer and dull finished. Given their unformal nature, they are a great fit for a bit of hard clothing sets for fall and winter. For the summer are models of cotton or linen, as well as a mixture of substances. So made ties are rich in fibers and easy to crumple, so they fit z. For example, the summer sports jacket made of linen and the chino pants made of thin cotton.


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