Blue suit - the most universal

Blue suit - the most universal


Put on a classic - dark blue suit

Many men are not interested in fashion, but there are situations in life where the suit should be worn. That's why it's good to have one in the closet. Not only a variety of different suits are important in the election, but also their timelessness. The good suit can be worn even a dozen years, assuming that after so many years, it still stands well than before. When it comes to the variety of suits, this is supposed to be a model that can be used for study entrance exam, family events (Christmas Eve, wedding, various festivals), job interview, defense of the Master's thesis, and other occasions , The best suit suitable for these occasions, in our opinion, is the classic smooth suit made of good mid-weight wool (all year round), plus the two button placket, no darts trousers and no pants covers. When it comes to the color, we recommend blue / dark blue.

In second place is dark gray (often called marengo) or black-gray color. We advise you against the black color that is considered "most universal" in many stores and which sellers most often show. Black is "not the most universal" color for every occasion. It is difficult to choose additives. The billing in contrast stripes, print or check pattern, etc. is not recommended. These suits are only bought if you already have a few others in the closet, but not as a first suit.


Dark blue suit accessories

Dark blue has many advantages. Above all, the color is classic and timeless, but at the same time there are also many ways to customize accessories for every occasion. The dark blue suit with well-adjusted additions will stand up well during the defense of the Master's thesis, as well as the job interview or the family wedding. We have already talked about additives. We are now trying to offer something that confirms our words about the variety of the dark blue suit.

1. Shirt

We highly recommend the white and light blue shirt. The white shirt - made of smooth non-translucent cotton. The shirt may have fine texture (e.g., uniform stripes). The white shirt is very suitable for formal occasions, ie for the defense of the master's thesis or wedding in the family. Light blue shirts are perfect for business or office meetings, interviews or in the first job.

2. Ties

Absolutely obligatory color is dark blue with fine texture or blue. It will certainly go very well with the white shirt, creating the classic and chic set, as well as the blue shirt, which makes for a professional outfit. The second color is dark red. The color is good with white and light blue shirt. If you want to let off steam and make the dark blue suit livelier, you can Put the white shirt together with a green, purple or pink tie.

3. Shoes

It seems that only black shoes match a dark blue suit. This is not true, but for formal occasions this is actually the best choice. For business meetings shoes can fit in dark brown color. Classic lace-up shoes or more popular - shoes with a buckle (Monk shoes) or slippers ("penny loafers" as well as "tassel loafers").

4. Pocket squares

With white shirt, the white smooth linen pocket square is good. This is the classic style, which suits every occasion. The variety of colors and shades is so great that it is better to choose what will suit us. There are many silk pocket squares. Pocket square is an addition, where actually is very difficult to make a mistake. Each cloth will definitely be well adjusted.

The dark blue suit suits loose styles, where we can take off both the tie, as well as wear the jacket separately to the chinos or jeans.

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