Why should a man be well dressed?

Why should a man be well dressed?


It is still well known that it is a job for women to care for themselves and their interest in fashion. Well-dressed men are often considered disguised, and real men should be dressed in gray and unobtrusive clothing. Fortunately, such perceptions and stereotypes are slowly disappearing in recent years and men want to stand out from the crowd. Young men begin to appreciate the importance of clothing and are increasingly willing to change shopping stereotypes. Because there is nothing to hide - good looks need money. Men had no trouble spending a lot of money on cars, watches, expensive drinks, and exquisite cuisine, but the $ 100 spent on a good tie was treated as an unnecessary expense. Everyday clothing should not only be perceived as a purely practical function, but also as an element of image building. It is generally said that people should not be judged by their appearance but by who they are, but it is nonsense because each of us does it anyway. How you are dressed influences the way you are perceived by your friends, family, boss at work, and people you meet every day. A good image also means well-being, more self-esteem and more confidence in many life situations. Once you understand and feel it, when you start playing with fashion, you will not want to return to your previous image. The environment with beautiful items, including clothing, is addictive.

The first impression is inseparable from the outfit and the outward appearance. As the name suggests, it is only done once. It can be a job interview, a business meeting, or the first date with a beautiful woman. The interlocutor evaluates us on the basis of what he sees in a few seconds, first he draws attention to the facial expressions and, of course, to the clothes. If a good opinion is important to you, you will not get it without a properly selected outfit. When it comes to creating a picture, clothing has enormous power.

To develop your own style, you must first specify which direction you want to go, because men's fashion has many variants and possibilities. Of course, wearing a suit, tie, bow tie or handkerchief is not the only option, but it's definitely the easiest and safest way to look for a good classic-based style. The most important thing is that the dress style is tailored to your lifestyle and personality. By lifestyle I mean both the kind of work and the way to spend free time. It can be assumed that we distinguish the division into three clothing styles: everyday or casual, sometimes elegant or smart casual and formal. Try to find out which one is closest to your lifestyle. Someone once said that the outfit should be so natural that it can not be noticed. A good style can be built on the basis of a classic suit, but also informal casual jackets and pants.

If you've already defined a style that is close to you, look for patterns that will help you. There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and works great in the case of fashion. There are inspiring photos in many places: on blogs, online thrones, in magazines with men's fashion and books.

A good style is not a cabinet full of random things, but a carefully selected base of a dozen basic models that are universal and timeless. The priority for their purchase should be quality. The purchase of good shoes, jackets or ties should be considered as a kind of investment in their image. It is better to have less quality clothing than a few dozen items bought impulsively and never worn and stored in the closet. High-quality clothing is characterized by longer life, higher comfort, thoughtful cuts and careful workmanship. It's also important to remember that you like the clothes in the first place, so buy one that will appeal to you when you wear it. If you decide to change your style, you will probably need to change your wardrobe. Open your wardrobe and see how many garments you have not put on for several months and only take up space on the shelf. If you did not use it, it means you do not need it, so share it without feeling. It is a shame in the closet for such copies. Leave only the items that are of good quality in good condition and will be useful to create a new image.

The good, masculine style is based primarily on classic and timeless clothing. Those who were fashions 30 years ago are now in fashion and will be in fashion for 30 consecutive years. This should be the basis of a good men's wardrobe. The classic is always up to date and works in every situation. The most popular examples are navy blazer, white shirt, tie, bow tie or bow tie. These are the pillars of menswear, which, though they may seem boring and trivial, can easily change their face and adapt to different occasions based on their own style.

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