Which suit should I choose?

Which suit should I choose?


A suit is an indispensable element of every man's wardrobe. Even those who do not like suits must have at least one in the closet. If you are a person who does not like this kind of clothing, you have to choose it well, so you can use it for many occasions. Not only now, but also for several years. It should be a universal and timeless suit. A good suit can be used for over a dozen years, provided, of course, that the size of the owner does not change, so you should look for something very good quality and pay more.

The best and most versatile choice for a variety of occasions is a sleek, classic model in medium weight wool, all year round with a jacket attached with two buttons and no-fold pants. When it comes to color, we recommend dark blue. This color has many advantages. Above all, it is classic and timeless, but also offers many options for the selection of accessories such as ties and cloth. A navy blue suit with matching accessories will look good at the end of your studies, at a job interview, at a family wedding, and even at your wedding. It is very versatile, it has a class. It is a symbol of professionalism and trust. Navy suits are most often chosen by presidents and prime ministers, ministers and business people. It fits all kinds of beauty and looks great with accessories in all colors.

The most elegant set will be dark blue in a classic convention with a white shirt and a blue tie. It is a perfect place for such ceremonies as a wedding or a job interview in a new job.

The same color can also be used in a different configuration. All you have to do is turn a white shirt into a less elegant one, for example a plaid shirt, and instead of a classic tie, choose a knitted tie. Brown shoes, including suede shoes, fit in this set. Such a set will be perfect for everyday work.

The jacket from this suit is also suitable for combination with pants in contrasting color. It will be a typical club set to match these gray pants. We can wear a striped shirt and brown or navy blue shoes. The final suggestion is to create a set of a dark blue jacket in combination with a pair of chinos. For example, in red, green or yellow, here only limits our imagination. You can wear a tie or be shirtless, we can also wear less formal shoes or moccasins. These were examples of the first or only suit and its best choice. Now we will present a proposal for new suits that are worth it.

The second most universal suit is gray and its shades. Timelessness and ease of pairing with accessories can be compared with navy blue, but gray is considered less elegant. Perfect as a day suit. If you choose medium-weight wool, a suit in this color can be used both in winter and in summer. Black, brown and cherry shoes match the gray suit. White, blue, pink and ecru shirt. As you can see, it is a very universal color and worth having in your closet.

The third number can be a suit with a distinctive, regular band. The most common combination of dark blue or black fabric and white delicate stripes. Such a lawsuit is associated with prohibition times and American gangsters. Currently, it is usually a business garment.

Another option is a plaid suit. It's British-style and is a great option for men who want to stand out while staying in a classic suit. Check pattern is not suitable for any occasion, but for people who already have some smooth suits, it can be an interesting alternative. The big advantage of plaid suits is that you can wear pants and jacket separately to create interesting sets of other garments, especially with a smooth finish.

The number five can be a classic black suit. Black is not a universal color because it has been assigned to special occasions. These are evening and funeral ceremonies, which makes it difficult to recognize this color as universal. In addition, black fabrics limit the range of accessories because it fits only to a white shirt and black shoes. The disadvantage of a black suit is unfortunately also the fact that they emphasize bright and red complexion, which is why in the black suit hardly anyone looks good.

There is also a brown suit that I can only wear during the day for a few formal occasions. You can wear it for work that does not require high elegance. Regardless of the accessories we choose, the brown suit will never be as elegant as the navy blue. Hardly anyone looks good, like in a black suit, because it's a difficult color.

When you buy a suit, you should check that the shop offers the possibility of buying trousers made of the same material as the suit. Companies often use the same material to sew different garments from the same collection. If such trousers are available, it is worth buying another pair. Pants wear faster than a jacket and if we have an extra copy, you can use them longer.

We can also buy a vest for the suit. The vest is a very classic element of a men's outfit, although it has been somewhat forgotten in recent years as producers move away from the production of three-piece suits. For one thing, the West was the basic element of a suit and it still has to be considered a very classic one. The vest can be the same material, pattern and color as a suit, then it's a very formal set. However, you can buy a vest that has nothing to do with the suit and carry it along with it, then it will be an interesting, eye-catching addition. The vest can also be worn without jacket, only with shirt and tie or bow tie. As you can see, it is a very interesting supplement that has many uses and it is worth investing in this part of the clothes and having it in your wardrobe.

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