Pocket squares fabrics

Pocket squares fabrics




Silk pocket squares

Natural fabrics are best, but also the most expensive. High quality silk pocket squares are sewn of silk on which colorful patterns are most often imprinted. The silk shows well the colors and gives them a delicate shine. There are also accessible different mass, so the pocket squares are diverse, from very soft, almost transparent to thicker up as wool. The advantage of a silk pocket squares is also that there are no kinks on it. Thanks to its plasticity and delicacy, it can be put together practically in every way and that always looks good. The silk is also a most universal material for certain seasons. Thanks to the rich color scheme, it suits every spring / fall stylization, as well as for autumn and winter.

Linen pocket squares

Another very popular fabric for pocket squares is linen. Its surface texture is rough and completely dull, thanks to which it is suitable for summer dresses as well as dark elegant winter dresses. The white linen pocket sqaure is the basic garment. It suits everything. Linen lace forms are easy to put together. On the fabric but are also kinks to see, so must be such a pocket square ironed before any change in shape. Linen, like silk, can be bought in different quantities.

Pocket squares made of wool and cotton

Worth seeing are pocket squares made of cotton and wool, which are not so classic. But they are difficult to access, are rare to find, which is an advantage for some. The cotton pocket squares are very suitable for both summer and winter. But those made of wool are more in line with fall / winter garments, such as tweed sacks and corduroy trousers. Also their colors are warm and shaded.
At the end of the overview of pocket squares we give a few words about these, which are made of artificial fabrics so polyester and microfiber. They are cheaper and made worse. In the sale they are often to find because of the price. They present themselves weakly, because one notices quickly that the gloss is too strong than for silk, or that the matte fabric looks like linen. Sometimes strong kinks can be seen. The price difference between the silk and artificial fabrics is too big. You can add a small amount and buy pocket squares made of natural fabrics.


Fabric statements
When it comes to graduation, it's important to write about trimmings. That's one of the most important features. Apart from the fabric and pattern, a proper trimming is also important. The cheaper and the worse it is made, the greater chance that there will be closures with the sewing machine. This is neither ironed and edges sewn or sold with an overlock machine. Both versions look rather bad, but because we have edges of the pocket square in many examples, the finish should look aesthetically pleasing. If the pocket square is machine sewn and we want to use it, all edges should be put in the pocket.

The conclusion of high quality is in the form of a roll. The edges are to be rolled by hand and also by hand to sew. That's why the edges of the pocket square are a bit crooked, but they present themselves nicely. In addition, such solution gives the reinforcement of the edges of silk pocket squares and lets them better insert.

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