Bespoke suit

Bespoke suit


Just a few years ago to have the suit that he would be at the tailor, because mass production practically does not exist. Currently, men have a wide range of products at different prices, from cheap clothes available in popular stores to very expensive exclusive clothing brand products. For some years, however, you can also observe a return to tailor-made tailor-made. Also created a lot of companies that offer sewing Monday or MTM (made to measure), which is a solution combined with typical finished product from the shelf in the store tailor.

One such product of a clothes hanger or industrial sewing, called RTW (Ready to Wear) in English, is a suit that is sewn to standard sizes, with the cut, height and circumference of the chest most often chosen. If someone has a standard figure who does not deviate from the significant patterns of a particular brand, then one can usually get a good result in terms of appearance in such clothing. The range of available designs, colors, fabrics and styles is huge. Prices range from € 100 to several thousand euros, depending on whether you buy in the chain store type H & M, Zara and exclusive brands like Armani or Hugo Boss. A good quality suit in these types of stores can be bought in the amount of 300-400 euros at a regular price or even cheaper if you buy during the sale.

Tailored sewing or MTM (made to measure) is another way to buy a suit that better meets our needs and expectations. Very often, the term "semi-industrial sewing" is used here because it combines the features of industrial sewing with tailor-made sewing. Often, tailor-made companies specialize in mass sewing and offer their products in online shops. It's a product more expensive than its standard offer, but better matched. When ordering, the customer can usually try on some models of jackets and pants based on templates that are applicable in a particular company. In this way, you are looking for the ideal model that will be the basis for further work. In addition, the dimensions of the customer are collected to allow a perfect adaptation to the individual dimensions. The measure is most often collected by the consultant and the data is entered into the computer and sent electronically to the manufacturer. Companies that sew suits in this way usually work with sewing rooms in Italy, the United Kingdom and even Hong Kong. With the most basic custom service, the dimensions are processed by a computer program that draws a template. In a more advanced option, the system will help you to choose the type of the character, and you can do a deeper intrusion into the pattern based on the comments of the consultant who performed the action. In the vast majority of companies providing tailor-made services, there is no attempt. The end customer comes to a finished product where you can make minor adjustments, but there is no way for major and major changes, such as: B. Changing the position of the buttons on the front of the jacket or changing the width of the flaps.

Bespoke is the most prestigious custom sewing option. This is the service with the greatest possible personalization of the suit in terms of proportions, cut, design, fabrics and accessories. The suit is usually made from start to finish in a plant, usually in a small tailoring workshop. The tailor collects the measure, determines all details with the customer and then creates an individual paper pattern. Unlike tailor-made, a tailor can create a pattern based on each dimension of the customer and is not limited to pre-made templates. The tailor-made option is also characterized by the fact that most of the seams are made by hand with needle and thread. All buttonholes are also sewn by hand, which takes a lot of time. The inner construction is based on natural inserts. Sewing such a suit requires 2-4 fittings. It is ideal for people who have very unusual profiles, as well as for customers who are looking for unique projects with the possibility of interference in each element. Tailoring, whether it's MTM or the real Bespoke, is becoming increasingly popular. One of their biggest advantages is the ability to perfectly match the clothes to the silhouette, as well as the choice of style and personalization, so that it stands out among the people dressed in business suits.

People who opt for such a service for the first time do not always realize that measuring seams also poses a risk. This is particularly true of the first orders, when we and the company we work with did not meet and did not know our expectations. In this case, the end result is always a puzzle, smaller or larger. With the finished product we buy in the store, we stand right in front of the mirror and see the final effect, deciding whether or not to buy clothes and whether we like them. Of course, having a reputable studio or a company offering Bespoke or MTM sewing will give us a high probability of definitive success.

People who already have some tailor-made things say their first orders were average or even weak and should be considered. If someone wants to sew a suit or a MTM shirt for themselves and end the adventure with tailoring, there is a chance that it will not achieve a satisfactory result. For sewing you have to be prepared both financially and theoretically. Above all, we recommend a lot to read the opinions of people who already have it and can share their thoughts. It's also worth reading the discussion forums, where you can get practical advice and read reviews on specific tailor workshops. If we are properly prepared in theory, we reduce the risk of failure and I have the opportunity to achieve the desired effect. For more complex silhouettes, we get the best fit by choosing the bespoke service.

There are more and more companies offering tailor-made internet services. Measurements should be made at home, put in a special form, select a fabric, adjust other details, and wait for the courier to provide us with a finished suit. Unfortunately, this implementation has nothing to do with tailor-made sewing and this type of business should be avoided as there is no way to remotely sew a good suit and lose money and time.

The most important piece of advice for Bespoke

  •  Ask for price, delivery time and number of fittings. A low price and a fast completion time may indicate a lack of customers or a little careful processing. The lack of action increases the risk of poor performance throughout the project, especially in unusual forms
  •  Ask for clothing that is currently in work or ready to be picked up. So you can judge the style of the workshop and the quality of the suit.
  •  Please note if the company uses fabrics from good manufacturers and quality accessories
  • Sewing to size gives you many customization options for your suit (fabric choice, lining, buttons), but be careful not to overdo it. Colorful checked fabrics look gorgeous on small patterns, but they look completely different when made into a suit.
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