Jacket Tuxedo Tailcoat for men

Jacket Tuxedo Tailcoat for men


The jacket is a formal day dress. It's the equivalent of a tuxedo that should be worn before sunset. It consists of a jacket in black or dark gray and pants in a different color. Most are pants that are sewn from gray-black wool into vertical stripes, more rarely in plaid, herringbone or pepitka. Pants are in a high state and worn on the shoulder straps instead of the belt. The jacket has a cut and in the back it reaches to bend the knees. The jackets of the jacket are usually pointed, but they do not cover them with silk, as in the case of a coat and a tuxedo. The front has a number of buttons in the present, but double-breast closure has also been popular in the past.

When it comes to choosing a vest, the jacket offers many options in terms of fabric, cut and color. The vest can be single-breasted or double-breasted, made of wool, linen, cotton, silk or cashmere. Its color has the biggest impact on the use of the entire set. The most formal will be a black vest. This is the right color for state ceremonies and funerals. The most popular are gray west, ideal for a wedding. The following colors are also acceptable: silver, beige, cream, lavender, blue.

The shirt can have a collared collar or a classic. The jacket looks very good with a shirt with white collar and cuffs. The most important addition to the outfit is to tie a tie under the neck, although flies are acceptable. Shoes only and exclusively black, and there is no deviation from this rule. The occasions when we put on the jacket are a wedding that takes place during the day, a funeral, and important state ceremonies for which you need to wear something more elegant than a normal suit.

The tuxedo is an evening dress, so you should not wear it before sunset. It has a slightly lower formality than a tailcoat. It consists of a single-row or double-breasted navy. If it is a single-breasted, it should have only one button. The lapel of the jacket can be like a coat, and its surface should be covered with black satin or matte silk. From the same fabric side straps are made on pants. The classic tuxedo is black, but also navy blue is allowed. The back of the jacket has no slits. Pants are made of the same fabric as the jacket and can not have cuffs.

A compulsory addition to the tuxedo is a belt, also known as a Spanish belt and a bow tie. The belt can only be issued if there is a black or white vest under the jacket. To put a tuxedo is a big mistake. Of course, the handkerchief is allowed. You can also add a living flower to the jacket's lapel. The most formal flowers are white carnations and white gardenias, but also red flowers are acceptable, which stand out very much from the background of the outfit.

The dress shirt must be white. As far as the collar is concerned, the best is simple and classic, and when it comes to cuffs, they should be fastened with cufflinks. The keys are usually covered with a ledge so that they are invisible. Shoes we put in the tuxedo have to be black. You must remember that the tuxedo is a typical evening gown, so his acceptance before sunset will be a mistake. It is known that the sunset is different hours depending on the season, so it was assumed that evening gowns, ie tuxedos and tuxedos, can be worn after 6 pm In general, the later the better.

The tuxedo is the most formal outfit for a man. Like a tuxedo, it should only be worn after dark. The basic element is a coat jacket and trousers made of the same fabric, ie black wool. The jacket is cut off at the front at waist level, while the back has a characteristic tail that should bend the knees. It is divided by a central cut. The compulsory element of the jacket from the coat is also two rows of buttons, but they are not attached because the dress coat is always unbuttoned and has no buttonholes. The flaps are pointed and covered with matt silk or satin in black. The same material should also be covered with buttons. The jacket has a single outer pocket for inserting a handkerchief.

The pants have no cuffs and are worn with suspenders. The sides should have double silk stripes. A compulsory element of the coat is a white vest. The black vest is a mistake, although it was used earlier. The vest should be made of silk and a fly should be made of the same fabric. The shirt should only be white with cufflinks. The best shoes for the tuxedo are black slip-on shoes with bows. Black bonded boots, polished to a high gloss, are also acceptable. The occasion for the tails are operas or ceremonial galas.

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