Casual jacket for men

Casual jacket for men




A sporty jacket is a very important piece of clothing for every man, no matter what style we prefer. For men who need to wear daily suits, it's an interesting change from a boring uniform, while for those who usually wear T-shirts and jeans, the jacket becomes a more elegant clothing style. In a properly tailored blazer, every man wins class and elegance. This element of the men's wardrobe is perfect for masking silhouette errors and showing off its benefits. Contrary to popular belief, the Navy opens up many possibilities. The elegant version can be tucked into a stylish shirt, a tie and an elegant pair of trousers, but when we combine it with a pair of simple jeans, a white T-shirt and a handkerchief, it will take on a very different character.

Initially, the jackets were simply part of a suit and were worn together with pants made of the same material. It was not until the late twenties of the last century that men, as an alternative to a classic suit, began to wear sets of jackets and trousers of a different material. The prototype of the sports jacket itself was known earlier. At the end of the 19th century, the sports jacket was part of the Norfolk hunting outfit in East England. A thick tweed was used to sew it, and its construction was designed to perform purely practical functions, meaning that it had large pockets and plenty of freedom of movement during the hunt. The name Norfolk coat is still used today. This is how the story of the informal sailors, who were initially wearing woolen flannel or gabardine pants, began. At the beginning of the 20th century, the term "sports jacket" was very apt, because it was actually an element of the equipment in which sports-riding, shooting and tennis were practiced. Currently, the term still works, although he does not have much in common with sports. The sports jacket has become the basic element of the work outfits in occupations where no classic suit needs to be worn.
Informal and sports jackets are sewn from fabrics other than suit sets. These fabrics are less elegant in terms of texture, pattern and color. They are usually made of thicker yarn and duller than on suits. They are mainly wool with an interesting texture such as lattice, stripes, micro patterns and in models for spring and summer also linen. The colors are more varied than with suit fabrics. If someone dreams of a red jacket, it can be a good idea in a sports version. The red suit would be too controversial.

Modern jackets are much lighter than their predecessors of a hundred years ago. In addition to the fact that lower weight fabrics are used, they are increasingly sewn with the minimum fill of the arms and the lining covers only part of the back. Such solutions make the jacket very light and more reminiscent of a soft and light jacket. Sports jackets often have pockets or pockets sewn on the outside of the jacket. Another element is buttons - in many cases in contrast to the fabric. An interesting detail are also patches on the elbows. The sports jacket has one or two slits on the back. Colored panels are increasingly used in imaginative designs, which also discreetly point to the lower formalities of such a jacket.
Patches on the elbows are a characteristic element of sports jackets, especially from the autumn and winter collections. In recent years, they have become a popular detail not only in jackets, but also in sweaters and shirts. Your story is interesting. A few tens of years ago, they served as a purely practical function; H. They were sewn onto work jackets to prevent the fabric from wiping quickly at the elbows, or to prolong the life of jackets that had holes in those areas. Currently, patches are sewn for aesthetic reasons. Natural suede patches look best. A shirt with cuff cuffs can be placed on the jacket. If such cuffs could only be found in very elegant shirts, the companies have been experimenting with details for many years and now the cufflink cuff can also be found in less formal shirts. Such models can be worn for a sports jacket.
When we talk about autumn sports jackets, we usually think of a tweed jacket. In fact, this is a classic, though we can find more suggestions for the cooler season of the year. Brands that follow the British style in fall and winter collections mainly offer thicker tweed wool based on earth tones, ie all shades of brown and green. Such jackets refer to the British country style. These fabrics are rough, strong and warm enough to use in insulated rooms. In the mild autumn, they can successfully replace the jacket. Italians and brands that mimic the Italian style are keen to use fabrics that are lighter and more pleasant to touch, often with the addition of cashmere. Their surface is fluffy and soft.

Tweed is a type of rough, thick and warm wool fabric that was originally made in the UK. The most famous British fabric for fall and winter is the legendary Harris Tweed. This is the noblest type of tweed fabric and one of the most famous symbols of Scotland. The name comes from the island of Harris, whose inhabitants produced woolen fabrics for their own use since the beginning of the 19th century. The entire production was done by hand. Wool collected from sheep was washed in peat water and then dyed with dyes from surrounding plants and soil. No chemistry or color was used. Next, the yarn was mixed with different colors and a thick fabric was woven on traditional wooden looms. In this way, a beautiful, natural color was obtained, which was a reflection of the Scottish landscape.
The original Harris tweed can only come from Scottish islands. These and other technical details are specified in a specific law of the Parliament. Compliance with the production standard is monitored by a dedicated organization that authorizes the use of the Harris Tweed logo. If you buy a product with this symbol, we guarantee that it was made in Scotland manually using the technology of 150 years ago and the color was obtained with natural dyes. Unfortunately, such a unique production process creates a high price for the fabric. Therefore, only the most expensive brands Harris Tweed can afford in their collections.
The jackets for the spring and summer season differ in color, construction and especially in the nature of the fabric of autumn and winter. They are lighter, airier and lighter, and their construction is usually without lining. Cashmere and tweed are replaced by linen and wool with loose weave.

Wool is usually associated with thick and warm fabrics, but it all depends on the type of fabric and fabric. If the fabric is loose and the fibers are thin, the fabric will be very comfortable even in the heat of the day. Flax is an extremely comfortable fabric that is a perfect example of an open weave. As a result, the skin breathes pleasantly and the body does not sweat. The flax is very easy to bend and has a characteristic structure with small knots, but this can be considered an advantage in the case of less formal clothing. A great material for the summer is also a kind of factory-crumpled cotton, loved by the Americans and not very popular in Europe. It's extremely light and handy because you do not have to iron it. Mostly it occurs in the white-blue version in small vertical stripes. Very often, summer jackets are also made from a combination of linen and cotton. It's a perfect combination for people who do not like linen. Cotton ensures that the flax does not wrinkle and at the same time does not affect the thermal properties. Not only the outer fabric, but also the lining decide on the permeability of the jacket. Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to it. When shopping, you must check the label with the raw material store. Avoid products with a polyester lining that is not very pleasant to the touch and additionally makes the body sweat quickly. The lining should be made of viscose, cotton or silk.
In recent years, men have regained their position in menswear. This is mainly due to the designers, who gave them a less formal character. For a long time, the jacket was associated only with elegant clothing, so it was not very comfortable. Probably because the jackets looked like a stiff knight's armor more than a dozen years ago. At present, the informal marines look different - they are made in interesting colors, made of soft fabrics, the front is not so much stiffened and the shoulder pads are smaller or missing at all. The design makes them more attached to the body. Modern jackets are more like a lightweight, buttoned sweater than a stiff outerwear that is associated with something unpleasant. Men who are looking for a good style, but not for a suit, have therefore liked it again. One way to reduce the formalities of the navy and increase comfort is the use of knitwear. These jackets are very light, soft and ideal for the taste of men who prefer comfort. The use of elastic material and the lack of design and lining make such a jacket ideal for sets of T-shirts or casual shirts.

Choosing pants for the jacket causes many problems for men, but by sticking to proven, simple and classic color combinations, we avoid slips. The most important is the right combination of the colors of the jacket and pants, but it is necessary to pay attention to the patterns and weight of the fabrics of these two elements. If we have pants made of thick corduroy, they will go with tweed jackets and thicker wool jackets, but the linen jackets will not fit. There is no rule that pants should be lighter than a jacket. Just as there is no rule that a jacket should be lighter than a pair of pants. It's all a question of our taste. You can get a good connection in both cases, ie. H. A bright top and a dark bottom or a dark top and a clear bottom. More classic and common is the combination, in which the jacket is darker than the pants.
As I wrote in one of the previous blog entries, a navy blazer should be a mandatory item in every man's wardrobe. Not black, not brown and not beige, but navy blue. Why? Pomegranate is a color that suits virtually every type of beauty, and it also blends in beautifully with many other colors, both the calm and the beige, the gray, the blue, and the stronger - red, green, purple and pink. The combination of navy blue jacket and jeans reduces formality, and when we replace a classic shirt with a white t-shirt, we get a completely different face to this elegant piece of clothing. Navy Blue Coat is also a good foundation for people who like trousers in brilliant colors - orange, red, green, yellow. Such a set will fit perfectly with a plaid shirt whose color refers to a jacket or pants. The combination with beige pants Chino is a classic half-class style. For this we can put on a shirt with red stripes and a dark blue tie. It will be the perfect work scenario that does not require a suit. In the elegant version, however, we can wear gray wool pants, a classic white shirt and a striped tie. This is a typical club set, suitable for situations where we are not sure how to get dressed.

Men who prefer casual style do not like jackets, and when they need to wear them, they often choose jeans for them. This combination can be interesting and stylish, though it is not as obvious as it may seem. It's much easier to make a good set of chinos than jeans. In the case of a combination of a semi-navy jacket with a chinos trousers you can hardly be wrong, because both elements are stylistically close to each other and if we choose only the right colors, it is hard to look bad. When we combine a jacket with jeans, we have to pay attention to a few elements. We should wear less formal jackets for jeans. In autumn and winter, fabrics like tweed, cashmere and flannel will be a good choice. They go very well with thick denim. On the other hand, cotton and linen jackets can be recommended in summer. Fashionable knit coats also match jeans. The elements of the jacket, which reduce their formality and connect with jeans, will be consistent with colorful buttons, overlapping pockets or patches on the elbows.
When it comes to jeans, the classic pomegranate and blues will be the best. The dark garnet seems safer and most versatile, but in the warmer seasons you can also look for brighter colors. The shape and size are also important, the best ones will be those with a straight or conical leg. Pants with an extended leg will not look good. It is not worth choosing models with contrasting edges, shiny buttons, lowered steps and other curios. Simplicity is the most important thing and always in fashion. Size is also very important. The pants that we want to wear for a jacket have to fit well, and the bottom of the pants should be of adequate length. The jeans must be clean and nicely ironed. Filled knees and pockets or dirty and worn legs disqualify such pants.

Under the jacket you can wear a shirt, T-shirt, sweater (cardigan, V-neck). When it comes to a shirt, it's worth choosing those less formal, d. H. With a soft collar and contrasting, expressive patterns, such as a checkerboard pattern or ribbons. A white cotton and linen shirt will always be a good and universal choice. With jeans, it creates a unique, successful combination. A tie can be placed on the shirt, but it should be less formal than silk. It can be a knit or wool tie. Shoes, like the whole set, should be a combination of elegance and informal style. Loafers will be great.
Noteworthy are also double-breasted jackets. Just a few decades ago, double-breasted suits were popular, as were single-breasted suits. In the nineties of the last century, they actually disappeared from the stores. For several years, you can see the great return of jackets with two rows of buttons. Italians love them, and because Italian fashion is an inspiration to brands from around the world, there are many signs that double-breasted jackets are returning to mainstream. A double-breasted suit is considered more formal than a single-breasted suit, but of course much depends on the type of fabric. No doubt this is an interesting option for people who are looking for something unusual and rare. There were many myths about the double breasted. And the fact that it is outmoded and that it is getting fatter. The truth is that if we want to build our good style consistently, we should be based on timeless things that are not exactly fashionable. And a double-breasted suit is undoubtedly a timeless suit. The topic "bold" really affects everything that turns out to be wrong in size and shape. If the double-breasted suit is the right size, we do not have to worry about it visibly thickening us. The dark blue double-breasted suit can be a great idea for wedding styling and other festive occasions. This is an excellent alternative to a single-breasted suit.



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